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Last week, I offered on my author’s blog an assessment of the first days of my Nano 2022. As I had somewhat anticipated, I am having a hard time this year moving forward with the writing of my Nano and getting involved emotionally… Faced with these difficulties, I decided to offer you an article based on my thoughts and my solutions in the hope that it will help you get through it if you too encounter these difficulties! 


In this article, you will find solutions and alternatives for each difficulty you may encounter. However, it is difficult to find solutions if you do not know the exact difficulties you are encountering! (Yes, it’s a bit like the snake biting its tail! )

Also, the first step is to put down on paper the difficulties you encounter. What are they? Writing them down and thinking about them will help you better understand them and find answers!

Here is a list of difficulties that can block you: 

You have others? Tell me in the comments which ones!


First difficulty you may encounter: lack of time! It’s quite simple: you can’t sit down to write because of all the demands that revolve around you! Not to mention that to write 1667 words per day, you still have to stop for about an hour! 


Lack of time is not always a lack of time… it is possible that you have, in your day, 1 hour breaks during which you want to do everything, except write… in this case, your difficulty is seeming more like a lack of motivation or a lack of organization than a lack of time! I’m taking the liberty of writing it because I felt like I was facing a lack of time this year, but I have time, I have real slots that I can devote to writing… my difficulty lies more in the fact that I can’t take advantage of these slots because I’m tired / not motivated / not inspired! 

The solutions

Generally speaking, the idea is that if you don’t have time to write that’s why we offer famous ebook Ghostwriting Services, you shouldn’t wait for the perfect time to write. It certainly won’t happen. At least not in the way you dream.

Last solution 

Faced with a lack of time that prevents you from fully considering writing or at least an hour or more of writing per day this November, it may also be time to accept that you don’t have time to devote to writing this month. Significant upheaval in your personal or professional life, illness… there are many reasons for being stuck and do not necessarily depend on your will!

  1. Do your best: try to write
  2. Give yourself the challenge of doing Nano again during another more auspicious month. The months of April and July offer Nano camps if you want to take advantage of Nano emulation and you can completely have a Nano in your area, at any time of the year!


It’s clearly the shortcomings that are blocking me during this edition of Nano – with the lack of confidence not helping, we’ll talk about it later. How to overcome them? How can you force yourself to write when you feel a lack of motivation and desire?

The solutions 


For many authors, ideas flow and they have to sort through the mass of information that their prolific brain sends them. For me it’s different. An idea for a novel comes from a micro idea (often from a “What if?”) and I have to gradually pull the thread of my mind to knit a plot and a novel. But the crux quickly arrived and I can easily get stuck in the face of a lack of inspiration if I haven’t taken the time to plan my text well… 

In a different but equally blocking situation, you may also find yourself with an influx of ideas but an inability to organize them and turn them into a story. The words get stuck and you find yourself with the fear of the blank page even though the story is there… 

Solutions to an interstellar void

Solutions to a blocking overflow


NaNoWriMo is a fairly specific exercise because it requires you to organize yourself effectively to count your words in the right way while finding suitable supports for writing. You may find yourself writing while losing the words you wrote or at least scattering them without remembering where you wrote them… 

The solutions 

I recommend that you have a platform where you centralize all the words you write. This can be a document from a classic word processing tool like Word, like a file in a writing application like Scrivener, Scrapbook, Write Control and much more (there are more and more, choose the one that matches you!).

 However, you are not required to write in this document. I sometimes write in Notion, where I feel good with Book Marketing Agency, especially from my phone, or in Ommwriter which is a writing software that I really like for writing fiction. 

This year, my organization is as follows:


Last difficulty and not the least: lack of confidence.

This may be a lack of confidence in what you write (the quality and interest of your story) and/or a lack of confidence in your ability to succeed in NaNoWriMo. After having succeeded in NaNoWriMo 9 times out of 9 participations (I failed on Nano camps but never in Nano), it is rather the confidence in my texts which is not at the top – I am quite convinced that I have the ability to succeed in Nano! But the fact remains that this lack of confidence is particularly blocking!

If you doubt the quality of your writing

Here are the solutions that I try to put in place to restore my confidence in the novel that I am writing.

If you doubt your ability to finish Nano

If it’s more like you’re hitting the wall that is NaNoWriMo, here’s what you can tell yourself to overcome your fear. 

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