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Owning a business looks great, but only the entrepreneur in you knows what it takes to run it successfully. From the initial idea, planning, resourcing, financing, and more to getting started and scaling up, there is a lot that has to be taken care of. Besides giving quality services, one of the major aspects of running a beauty salon successfully is Marketing. Many budding entrepreneurs looking to enter the beauty salon industry often find themselves lost in the ocean of marketing strategies. A distinguished marketing plan can help sail through the ups and downs of running a business.

The beauty salon industry is one of the very few industries that has survived the pandemic. The right marketing strategies have always paved the way to success for every beauty salon, regardless of the competition. Appropriate marketing strategies are the way to go, even if you are just starting out or want to level up your business game. 

Does it feel overwhelming to research what marketing strategies work the best? Let us come to the rescue! We have listed the six best marketing strategies for your beauty salon business to scale like never before.

Create a powerful website

A website is the best place to showcase your work portfolio, testimonials, achievements, services, prices, and everything you want your customer to know about your beauty salon business. It lays a foundation for a strong online presence of a business. A customer trusts the authenticity of your business by looking at your website. A user-friendly website that navigates well leads to customer satisfaction. Use Local SEO to increase the traffic to your website by ranking it on the top of the Search engine result page (SERP).

A thorough competitor analysis and market research of the industry can help you ideate the visual design of your website. A good-looking and perfectly working website can grab customers’ attention easily. Elements and visual aspects of your website should resonate with your brand’s story.

Make the best use of Social Media

As a business owner, you might know that social media has crazy opportunities for business growth. One of the first and indispensable platforms for digital marketing is Social media. It gives opportunities for growth to businesses with its increasing number of users. An optimized profile that screams your brand personality will attract potential clients.

Digital marketing strategies work best when used appropriately. It is essential to use proper digital marketing strategies suitable to the industry niche and social media platform to stand out and attract more customers. Revealing some digital marketing strategies below:

Use business automation tools

Business automation tools are a boon for every business, starting or leveling up. There are many tools and resources that can ease a lot of business tasks and save time. But managing all these different tools one by one is again a daunting task. What if you could rely on a system that handles your business tasks and manual work? And how does that help in the marketing of a beauty salon? Keep reading!

Introducing Picktime! Picktime is a cloud-based beauty salon scheduling software that helps manage your appointments, schedules, and bookings. It provides an easy appointment booking system that can manage bookings automatically, saving a lot of time. Picktime can be integrated with 30+ applications that manage emails, meetings, payments, calendars, and more. It organizes all the work in one place, allowing you to access everything easily. Picktime provides a unique Booking URL that can be linked with your social media platforms and website for an easy booking process. Your customers will find the booking link easily and make appointments without a hassle.

A business automation tool can help you invest more time in marketing and less time in manual work. Your beauty Salon will thank you for leveraging the workflow and scaling up like never before!

Run Ad Campaigns

Strategic ad campaigns can compel viewers to book your beauty salon services and convert them into loyal customers. Some of the most effective and easiest ways of reaching your potential customers are Ad campaigns such as SMS promotions, video advertisements, social media ads, pay-per-click ad campaigns, etc.

Here’s what Gitnux has to say: Digital advertising is expected to increase the share of global ad revenue, reaching 67% in 2022 and projected to grow to 68.5% in 2023 and over 70% in 2025.

Comprehensive market research gives an insight into the strategies and techniques suitable for the marketing of your business. Strategically planning ad campaigns with a proper study of behavioral data is essential for any business to grow.

Text and email marketing

Text and email marketing can help beauty salons connect and engage with customers on a personal level. This marketing strategy is a one-on-one communication where the customers can connect with the businesses privately for queries and questions. SMS marketing is a traditional marketing technique that is preferred by customers even today. 

SMS and Email marketing can be used to send booking confirmation details, payment details, promotions, updates, cancellations, etc. Both of these marketing strategies are effective and are easy on the pocket.

Offer discounts and curate packages

Discounts and offers are the best ways to keep your customers coming back. Curating packages that include more than one service with strategic pricing can boost customer retention. Seasonal offers and sales work best when demand for your services is high. Discounts and offers are of great benefit for both the customers as well as the businesses.


The marketing strategies mentioned above will bring great results without a doubt. But only if the services provided are top-notch. The quality of the services you provide is directly proportional to customer retention. Strategic marketing plans go hand-in-hand with quality services. Use Picktime to witness the dramatic growth of your business!

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