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A Preview of CAT 2023 – Key Trends, Expected Changes, and Strategic Insights


As the countdown begins for the CAT 2023 exam, MBA aspirants are eager to gain insights into what the test may hold. In this blog, we provide a comprehensive analysis of what to expect in CAT 2023 through CAT 2023 analysis, based on historical trends, potential changes, and strategic insights. This knowledge will be invaluable as you gear up for one of India’s most competitive MBA entrance exams.

Expected CAT 2023 Exam Pattern

While the official CAT 2023 exam pattern will be revealed by the conducting authority, IIM (Indian Institutes of Management), only a few weeks before the exam, we can make educated speculations based on past trends:

1. Sections and Duration: CAT typically consists of three sections – Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Ability (QA). The duration of the exam is usually 180 minutes, with 60 minutes allocated for each section.

2. Question Types: Expect a mix of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and non-MCQs, where you need to type in your answer. The ratio of MCQs to non-MCQs is expected to remain similar to previous years.

3. VARC Section: This section focuses on reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. Be prepared for passages from diverse topics, including science, literature, and social sciences. The expected number of questions in this section is around 24-26.

4. DILR Section: DILR usually contains sets of problems involving logical reasoning and data interpretation. You can anticipate around 22-24 questions in this section.

5. QA Section: QA evaluates your mathematical and quantitative skills. It typically includes 26-28 questions covering topics like algebra, geometry, and arithmetic.

Expected CAT 2023 Changes

While the basic pattern of CAT remains relatively consistent, there may be some changes in the CAT 2023 exam:

1. Difficulty Level: CAT’s difficulty level often varies from year to year. CAT 2023 may maintain the same level of complexity as recent exams, but be prepared for slight variations in question difficulty.

2. Question Mix: The proportion of easy, moderate, and challenging questions may differ in CAT 2023. Some years may have more challenging questions to test the mettle of aspirants.

3. CAT Percentile Calculation: CAT percentiles are relative, meaning they depend on the performance of all test-takers. The method used to calculate percentiles might see slight adjustments.

4. Exam Conduct: While CAT 2022 was held in a computer-based format at designated test centers, future changes, such as allowing online proctored exams, are possible. Stay updated on any announcements regarding exam conduct.

Strategic Insights for CAT 2023

As you prepare for CAT 2023, consider these strategic insights:

1. Mock Tests: Take full-length mock tests to acclimatize yourself to the CAT exam environment. Analyze your performance to identify areas of improvement.

2. Time Management: CAT is a time-bound exam, so practice effective time management during your preparation. Allocate specific time slots for each section.

3. Sectional Proficiency: Identify your strong and weak sections early on. Focus on strengthening weaker areas while maintaining your strengths.

4. Consistent Practice: Consistency is key to success. Regularly practice problem-solving, reading, and comprehension to build your skills.

5. Stress Management: Develop stress management techniques to stay calm during the exam. Techniques such as deep breathing and positive visualization can be valuable.

Insights to keep in mind:

1. Stay Updated: Regularly check the official CAT website and any notifications from IIMs regarding changes in the exam pattern, important dates, and other relevant information. Being well-informed is a fundamental part of your preparation.

2. Time Management: Time management during the exam is critical. Ensure you are aware of the allocated time for each section and practice sticking to the schedule. Time management can make a significant difference in your overall score.

3. Question Selection: In CAT, you have the flexibility to move between questions within a section. Utilize this to your advantage. Start with the questions you find most comfortable and gradually tackle the tougher ones. This strategy can boost your confidence and score.

4. Avoid Guessing: CAT has a penalty for incorrect answers, known as negative marking. Avoid random guessing, as it can lead to a deduction of marks. Make educated guesses when necessary, and prioritize accuracy over speed.

5. Mock Test Analysis: Mock tests are invaluable for simulating the exam experience and assessing your performance. Analyze your mock test results thoroughly. Identify patterns in your mistakes and work on improving those areas.


While CAT 2023 specifics will be unveiled closer to the exam date, this cat analysis provides you with a roadmap for your preparation. CAT is not just about knowledge; it’s about strategic thinking, time management, and staying composed under pressure.

As you gear up for CAT 2023, remember that dedicated preparation, a clear strategy, and effective time management will be your allies. Keep a positive mindset and stay adaptable, ready to face any changes that may come your way during the exam. Best of luck in your CAT 2023 journey!

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