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Tata Hitachi and JCB are two of India’s driving construction equipment producers. The two organisations offer different items, including excavators, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, and bulldozers.

If you’re looking to purchase construction equipment in India, we will analyse the prices of Tata Hitachi and JCB products in this blog. This will assist you with getting the most ideal value for your money.

Tata Hitachi Price In India

The following table shows the estimated construction equipment of Tata Hitachi price in India

EquipmentPrice (Low to High)
Backhoe Loader29 Lakh to 35 Lakh
Excavator17 Lakh to 65 Lakh
Wheel Loader 40 Lakh to 1.18 Crore 

JCB Price

The following table shows the approximate construction equipment of JCB price in India:

EquipmentPrice (Low to High)
Backhoe Loader18 Lakh to 38 Lakh
Excavator26 Lakh to 47 Lakh
Wheel Loader 9 Lakh to 51 Lakh


The prices of Tata Hitachi and JCB construction equipment are the same. In any case, there are a few key contrasts. For instance, JCB backhoe loaders are marginally less expensive than Tata Hitachi. Then again, Tata Hitachi excavators are marginally less expensive than JCB excavators.

Eventually, the most effective way to conclude which brand to purchase is to analyse every product’s particular elements and advantages. You should likewise consider your financial plan and explicit requirements while choosing.

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