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Liverpool, a vibrant city in the United Kingdom, is not only famous for its rich cultural heritage and musical history but also as a hub for higher education. With several top-tier universities like the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University, it attracts a large number of students from across the globe. One of the primary concerns for these students is finding affordable housing. This article delves into the various options available for student homes Liverpool, focusing on affordability without compromising on quality and convenience.

University Halls of Residence

On-Campus Accommodation

Most universities in Liverpool offer on-campus housing, which is usually the first choice for many first-year students. These halls of residence are conveniently located, often just a short walk from academic buildings, libraries, and other university facilities. They offer a range of options from en-suite rooms to shared apartments, catering to different budgets. The cost typically includes utility bills and internet access, making budgeting easier for students.

Off-Campus University Housing

Some universities also provide off-campus housing, which is still managed by the university but located outside the campus. These options often offer a balance between campus life and independent living. They are usually more affordable than on-campus accommodation and provide a good opportunity for students to explore the city.

Private Student Halls

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA)

Liverpool has seen a surge in the development of Private Student Halls, known as Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA). These are modern buildings designed specifically for student needs, offering a variety of room types, from studio apartments to shared flats. PBSAs often include amenities such as gyms, communal study areas, and social spaces. While they can be pricier than university halls, they offer a higher standard of living and are located close to university campuses.

Budget-Friendly Private Halls

There are also more budget-friendly options in private halls. These accommodations might not have the frills of the premium PBSAs but still provide a comfortable living experience. They usually include basic amenities and are a great option for students looking to save on housing costs.

Renting in Liverpool

Shared Houses and Flats

Renting a shared house or flat is a popular choice among senior students. This option offers more independence and is often cheaper than living in halls. Liverpool has several student-friendly areas like Kensington, Wavertree, and Aigburth, where rent is relatively low. Sharing a house with roommates not only cuts down on rent but also on utility bills and other expenses.

Tips for Renting

When renting in Liverpool, it’s crucial to consider factors like distance from the university, transportation links, and the safety of the neighborhood. Students should also be aware of their rights as tenants and ensure that they understand their rental agreement before signing.

Alternative Housing Options


Homestays are an excellent option for international students. Living with a local family can provide a unique cultural experience and is often more affordable than other forms of accommodation. It also offers a supportive environment, ideal for those new to the city.

Short-Term Rentals

For students who require flexibility, short-term rentals can be a suitable option. Websites like Airbnb offer various short-term housing options in Liverpool. While this can be more expensive in the long run, it’s a convenient option for students who are in the city for a short period or are still exploring their long-term housing options.


Liverpool offers a diverse range of student housing options catering to different preferences and budgets. Whether it’s the convenience of university halls, the modern amenities of PBSAs, the independence of private rentals, or the cultural immersion of homestays, there’s something for every student. It’s important for students to research and consider their options carefully, keeping in mind factors like cost, location, and amenities, to find the best housing solution for their time in Liverpool.

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