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Is your home driveway covered with a green, filthy layer of moss that ruins the front appearance and exterior of your property? Well, one of the most frequent issues with external concrete flooring is the development of moss. Moreover, many people mistakenly believe these basic plants are fungi, but they actually have chlorophyll in their small, green leaf carpets.

The ideal growing environment is a concrete surface that is shaded throughout the day and is situated in a moderately damp location. Remember that it is a safety threat as it makes walkways slippery, so someone might fall if they’re not careful. Hence, it is paramount to take adequate measures to get rid of it timely.

Fortunately, there are plenty of methods that can be followed to ensure complete removal of moss.

How to Clean Moss Off Concrete Surfaces?

1. Pressure Washer

With the assistance of the right tools and equipment, pressure washing is an extremely effective way to clean moss. Further, here are the steps to be followed:

2. Soda Crystals

If you don’t already have a bag of soda crystals, sometimes referred to as “washing soda,” you will need to buy one for this approach. Although most of us are accustomed to using it to remove stains or soften water, moss may also be effectively removed with this multipurpose cleaning powder.

3. Bleach Solution

Follow the given instructions to guarantee a smooth removal process, ultimately making sure that no moss is left on the floor screed:

4. Vinegar

One of the most readily available home substitutes for commercial cleaning agents is vinegar. Moreover, follow these tips:

5. Washing Powder

It may surprise you to learn that moss on your driveway can be effectively cleaned with a high-quality washing powder. Also, it removes moss from driveways and stone pavers in the same manner it cleans oil and dirt from your clothes.

6. Boiling Water

Just boil a large pot of water and cover the mossy area with the boiling water. However, if the moss has spread widely over the yard, this approach may take some time to give a favourable outcome. So, it is possible that you would need to boil and pour a few times. Thus, you may ask your friends and family to assist you in boiling the water in multiple pots to save time.

Further, boiling water can burn your skin, so you should use extra caution when handling it. To hold the pot, use oven mitts. Additionally, to prevent mishaps, never carry more water than you can lift.


Because moss is a shade- and water-loving plant, sunlight is the most useful method to get rid of it. Moss thrives in moist floor screed surfaces, paved areas, and driveways that are frequently drenched in water. Therefore, you must determine that the troubled spots are receiving enough sunlight and are not excessively wet due to overwatering or leaking faucets. 

In addition, large bushes and tree branches that significantly obscure sunlight are also a worth-noticing problem. So, trimming the huge shrubs and maintaining the height of the trees will help in letting in more light. Besides, you may choose any of the approaches mentioned above to clean the moth and prevent its development in the future.

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