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One of the oldest and most advantageous methods of printing ideas, logos, information on textile materials with smooth surfaces, with the help of which you can obtain durable and quality images, is screen printing. At Dallas Screen Printing, we provide the t shirt screen printing at affordable prices.

Screen printing is an increasingly popular option among those who want to print certain materials with information about the company they represent, because the printed images are clear, have vivid colors and do not deteriorate over time. Screen printing is a unique method of promoting any business that appeared at the end of the 18th century and continued to be improved until the modern era.

 What does screen printing mean and what benefits does it bring to companies?

The screen printing process is complex, but not complicated. It involves choosing the colors for the model, preparing the graphics, printing the silkscreen film, exposing the film on the silkscreen screen, exposed to UV light for a few seconds, the actual printing and drying the materials to fix them as well as possible.

Attention, though! Only certain materials can be subjected to the screen printing process, not every material lends itself to it. With the help of screen printing, textiles and work equipment can be printed, materials that must be of quality, have a smooth work surface, without seams and unevenness.

It is also recommended that the materials to be subjected to this process have a light, but also a dark color, and the printing method should be adapted to the type of material.

The technology that is the basis of silk-screen printing allows the customization of promotional items , t-shirts, work equipment, sports equipment, medical suits, but also caps, blouses, shirts, umbrellas, scarves, and the list can go on.

The advantages of screen printing

Compared to the technique of printing advertising materials through embroidery, the screen printing process ensures a lower cost and a higher production speed. Therefore, using the screen printing technique, costs are low for large volumes of printed materials, they are resistant to repeated washing, and the colors do not deteriorate.

In addition, thanks to screen printing, the colors of the obtained images can be easily calibrated and controlled. There are certain logos that require the use of exact colors, and screen printing allows this, offering great freedom for the positioning of the print and the size that the printed design can have.

Serigraphy is a modern technique that allows the printing of quality images, in vivid colors. This technique has wide applications as a printing method, with the advantages of a print resistant to external environmental factors, such as humidity, temperature or UV radiation, but also with a high resistance to mechanical actions.

Screen printing is mainly used in the textile industry, but also in the automotive industry, in electrotechnics, in cosmetics and in the food industry, ceramics, packaging. For advertising, caps, personalized t-shirts , overalls, equipment, bags, and other clothing items are printed by screen printing, which are appreciated by those who receive them and are worn with pleasure, thus advertising the company.

In addition, screen printing is a technique used to print logos or information on flags, pennants, stickers and labels, diaries and calendars, and the list goes on.

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